About Us

The Lonestar Truck Group / TAG Truck Center Customer Solutions Center is a team of dedicated customer advocates whose primary role is to manage over the road breakdowns for our customers. We also manage preventive maintenance scheduling. We can set up the service and then follow it through to completion. Whatever your maintenance need, we can manage it from beginning to end utilizing TMT maintenance management software.

The Vision

To save customers time and money while building and maintaining relationships

  • One call
  • One team
  • Dedicated to resolutions and improving uptime
  • Customized packages and services for clients

Customer-Focused Solutions

  • Utilize our network connections with other dealers
  • 24/7 staff, with over 30 years experience
  • Manage breakdowns
  • Call and email tracking with case numbers for visibility
  • DTNA connectivity to check for warranty, history of repairs, wiring schematics--other dealer resources at our fingertips
  • Consistent communication with the customer and the repair facility throughout
  • Virtual Technician fleet visibility and Detroit Connect assistance/analytics
  • Nationwide support
  • Invoice resolution
  • Freightliner pre-paid maintenance services/scheduling/record keeping
  • PM tracking/scheduling

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you have a driver call in requesting assistance you simply dial our toll-free number. Our team of customer advocates are standing by ready to answer your call and provide the assistance needed to get your driver back on the road. Once we have the information required, (SEE BELOW) we go to work locating a vendor to assist your driver with the problem. We communicate back to you via our email system which is embedded in our ticket software. You will know who is providing onsite assistance and what their ETA is. You will be notified if there are delays and when the vendor arrives onsite. Finally, you will be notified of progress and when the repair is completed.
Once you choose our team to handle your breakdowns, we will ask you to provide the following information before we get started handling your calls.
  • 1. A list of preferred vendors. These would be vendors that you have contracted with such as national tire accounts, LOVES etc. Please include account numbers.
  • 2. We will need a list of your tire sizes, both truck and trailer.
  • 3. We will need you to list in order of preference 3 tire choices. Example: a. Yokohama b. Bridgestone c. Goodyear.
  • 4. We will need to know if you prefer a premium retread or a new tire.
  • 5. A list of your equipment. Include trucks and trailers.
When you call for assistance, we will ask you for the driver’s name and phone number. The exact location of the equipment involved. The identity of the equipment involved. (unit number & VIN) The nature of the assistance required. The details of the required assistance needed. Example; Flat tire. Where is the flat? Truck or trailer? Is it the inside or outside tire? Is there also mud flap damage? Not all vendors who change tires are capable of repairing a broken mud flap bracket. The more information you give us the better we can service the breakdown and get your driver back on the road.
We recognize that your driver is your greatest asset. We communicate with your drivers during the repair to assure them we are working to get them back up and that they have not been forgotten. In addition, the drivers can provide minute details that are helpful such as what was going on just prior to the truck stopping? What are the codes that are showing in the dash? They can tell us when the vendor arrives and when the work is completed.
Yes, we are set up to take care of roadside vendor fees as well as towing fees when needed. These costs will then be added to your monthly bill. A handling fee may apply when utilizing this service.
We are Lonestar/TAG. We sell and service trucks in this industry. Both our footprint and our reputation give us leverage to continue assisting you if your truck requires time in a dealership for repairs. We continue to track the repair after it goes in to a dealership. We act as your customer advocates in an effort to get your truck repaired as efficiently and economically as possible. We call the repair facility daily getting updates and forwarding those updates to you. In addition to this, our experience helps us to locate parts, decipher warranty issues and call on industry insiders to assist with getting your truck repaired quickly.
We are Lonestar/TAG Customer Solutions Center and our goal is simply to be the best in business. We focus on the relationship not just your business.