All LTG Remanufactured Terminal Tractor Trucks Include:

  • Remanufactured Cummins 5.9L & CAT 3116 Engines - 1 year warranty.
  • Remanufactured Allison 3000RDS, 3500RDS, MT643 - 2 year unlimited warranty.
  • Remanufactured rear carrier if necessary - if replaced 1 year unlimited warranty.
  • Cylinders inspected, honed, repacked and tested. Replaced when necessary.
  • PTO and pump cleaned, rebuilt and painted.
  • CAC, radiator and condenser check and reworked. Replaced when necessary.
  • All wheel end components replaced with new.
  • New seats and floor liners.
  • All new lights.
  • New wheels and tires.
  • Driveline checked and re-balanced.
  • New fuel tank, and deck plates where needed.


AFTER - Terminal Tractors after remanufacturing by Lonestar:

Remanufactured terminal tractors after being restored by Lonestar Truck Group's Glider manufacturing and REMAN facility in Texarkana, TX.

BEFORE - Terminal Tractors before remanufacturing:

Various views of used terminal tractors before being remanufactured.

Lonestar Ottawa/Capacity Terminal Tractors Remanufacturing Program Details:
  • Disassembly of the frame rails, cab and interior, inspecting for cracks and hidden damage.
  • Bead Blasting Cab Exterior, frame rails (inside and outside of rails) scaling rust inside cab, blasting of axle housing, steer axle and epoxy priming and sealing of frame rails.
  • Cab/Bumper is reconditioned with needed body work prior to paint.
  • Cab epoxy primed in white, exterior cab color options are available, repaint interior of cab, check gauges replace as needed, sliding rear cab door, rollers and track hardware replaced when needed.
  • HVAC system components inspected and reconditioned, if unit is not equipped with AC we can provide option pricing for cab mounted Red Dot A/C System to be installed.
  • All door striker hardware, latches, window cranks, replaced with new components.
  • Cab Glass/Gaskets are inspected and replaced if cracked, hazy, or discolored.
  • New seat belt components Installed.
  • Cab tilt bushings replaced.
  • Installation of remanufactured Cummins 5.9L Engine - 1 year warranty (No DEF/DPF).
  • Installation of remanufactured CAT 3116 Industrial Engine - 1 year warranty (No DEF/DPF).
  • Installation of remanufactured Allison 3000RDS, 3500RDS, MT643 - 2 year unlimited mile warranty
  • Installation of remanufactured rear end - 1 year unlimited mile warranty.
  • Hydraulic cylinders removed, inspected, honed, repacked and tested. Replaced when necessary.
  • New 5th wheel top plate installed.
  • PTO and pump removed, cleaned, rebuilt and painted.
  • All Hydraulic lines are replaced.
  • Hydraulic tank is blasted and painted, new site glass replaced when needed, new hydraulic oil.
  • Charge air cooler, radiator and condenser inspected and reworked. Replaced when necessary with remanufactured and new antifreeze installed.
  • All wheel end components replaced, wheel seals, races, bearings, brake shoes, king pins, S-Cams, slack adjusters, brake chambers and differential oil.
  • New air ride seat, new floor covering, new head liner.
  • New air and electrical lines for trailer hook ups.
  • All new lights (headlamp (s), stop/tail/*turn/backup/utility-work lights) option pricing for all LED lighting is available
  • Not all units will come equipped with turn signals. Strobe lights and spot lights are inspected and replaced if needed.
  • Primary mirrors/brackets and spot mirrors inspected and replaced if bent, damaged or missing.
  • New exhaust components, flex pipe, muffler, exhaust shield and turn out installed.
  • New steering wheel Installed.
  • New wheels and tires (replaced with universal recaps from Goodyear, brand new tires are also a price option).
  • Driveline checked and re-balanced, U-Joints/yokes replaced as needed.
  • New fuel tank, and deck plates where needed.
  • Cab/Chassis wiring inspected and reconditioned as needed to ensure is it re-loomed and in working order..
  • Air Hoses inspected and replaced as needed.
  • Grab handles/deck plates/trailer bump stops inspected replaced when necessary and repainted OSHA yellow.
  • Option for full fenders installed on rear with needed brackets if requested or needed.
  • Rear mud flaps replaced.
  • Engine belts replaced.
  • All new filters installed (hydraulic, engine oil, air filter and spinner 2 if equipped).
  • Air dryer is replaced with remanufactured 1 year warranty.
  • Starter replaced with new Delco 1 year warranty.
  • Batteries replaced with new 1 year warranty.
  • New windshield wiper blade and 12V fan installed in cab.

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